Leasing Expenses

Advance Rental

Usually equivalent to one month's rent.


Usually equivalent to two to three months' rent.

Stamp Duty

Calculate as follows:

Less than one year 0.25% of the average yearly rent
One year to three years 0.5% of the average yearly rent
Over three years 1% of the average yearly rent

Remarks: HKD5 will be charged for each copy of tenancy agreement. In general, the stamp duty is equally shared by the landlord and the tenant.

Agent's Commission

Usually equivalent to 50%-100% of the average monthly rent.

Solicitor's Fee

The charge for appointing solicitors to deal with the tenancy agreement is as follows :
( average yearly rent - HKD12,000 ) x 1% + HKD1,000
Remark : In general, the above charge is equally shared by the landlord and the tenant.


Deposit and payment of water supply, electricity supply, gas and telephone installation.

Important Notes to Tenants

Landlord's Provision

A tenant is advised to check and take photos of the electrical appliances or furniture in the new premises if they are provided by the landlord. He / she should immediately ask the landlord to follow-up if any problems are found.

Inspection of the Facilities on the Premises

A tenant is advised to inspect the following facilities to ensure that they function properly:

  • Electricity supply and facilities
  • Water supply and drainage in kitchen, toilet and bathroom, as well as gas supply etc
  • Windows
  • Water heater, oven, air-conditioner and exhaust fan (if provided)
  • Leakage on wall, ceiling and apron
  • Peeling, cracked or loose concrete
  • Other facilities provided by the landlord

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